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T.H.E. Show (Newport Beach, CA) – May 29th – 31st, 2015:T.H.E. Show at Newport Beach is here again and this year we will be exhibiting in three rooms at the Hotel Irvine:

QUAIL HILL ROOM: The Audio Association, Los Angeles’ premier source for audio equipment, will be exhibiting in The Quail Hill Room. 

The Audio Association will be exhibiting the Evolution Acoustics MMTwo EXACT loudspeakers along with darTZeel’s brand new NHB-18NS Preamplifier, all-in-one LHC-208 (amplifier / preamplifier / DSD 2X DAC) andthe NHB-108 Stereo Amplifier. Vinyl will be spinning on the Wave Kinetics NVS Reference Turntable utilizing the new offering from Durand Tonearms called the Kairos which will hold the Ortofon MC-Anna Reference cartridge. Record cleaning will be done by the KLAUDiO Ultrasonic Vinyl Cleaning System. If that is not enough, ATR Services is bringing a completely reconditioned Ampex ATR-102 reel to reel tape machine along with some of the best music (Master Tapes) you will ever hear. Vibration control and isolation will handled by the Wave Kinetics’ A10-U8 Component Control Systems as well as the 2NS Loudspeaker Isolation System. All signal and power cables will be Evolution Acoustics.

This is one room you will not want to miss!

ROOM 441: Positive Feedback magazine has a hospitality suite and has asked to use the Evolution Acoustics MicroOne Loudspeakers along with the new darTZeel LHC-208 all-in-one Integrated Amplifier / Preamplifier / DSD 2X DAC. 

They will be playing DSD, DSD 2X and DSD 4X files via the darTZeel LHC-208, exoSound’s e28 MK II and Merging Technologies’ new and soon to be released NADAC 8-channel DSD Dac.

Fresh Ristretto Roasters’ PF DSD Blend coffee will be offered along with single malt whiskey, bourbon and wine. It is worth starting and finishing your days there just for the great coffee, booze, conversation and music! 

ROOM 1148 or 1149: ALMA Music, San Diego’s coolest new audio dealership, will have three of their own exhibit rooms this year. For one of the rooms, they have chosen to use the Evolution Acoustics  MMMiniTwo loudspeakers. They will be shown along with the Evolution Acoustics DRSC speaker cables, power cords and darTZeel’s new LHC-208 all-in-one integrated amplifier / preamplifier / DSD 2X DAC. 

Please introduce yourself to Alexandre and Fabio and let them share with you their unique philosophy of how audio equipment should be offered. Their service is unsurpassed!