Evolution Acoustics

Each and every Evolution Acoustics model undergoes years of testing and research before ever reaching the market to ensure optimum performance and value, whether you own the first pair or the 1000th.

All Evolution Acoustics loudspeakers are designed, engineered, handcrafted, and assembled in the USA. All aspects of our loudspeakers are painstakingly researched and analyzed to produce incredible micro and macro dynamic performance as well as the highest level of clarity in the industry.  Only the finest parts are used throughout including reference grade film and foil capacitors, Goertz high purity copper foil inductors, Mills ultra high current 1% tolerance wire wound resistors, and Teflon insulated solid core copper wiring.  All of these parts are hand matched and soldered point to point in our constant voltage crossover circuits without the use of thin PCB traces, which restricts current flow.

Clarity and dynamics are achieved through the use of ultra high quality pure ribbon tweeters, ceramic midrange drive units, optimized custom subwoofers, and ICE Power amplifiers. These components are housed in advanced acoustic cabinetry, which is both structurally inert and sonically diffuse through the use of multiple layer construction.  Because the layers are individually bonded by an adhesive compound, the cabinet walls have superior strength, and the differing size of each layer produces an internal environment similar to an anechoic chamber, which significantly reduces back wave reflections from the transducers. You will also fall in love with the beauty of these speakers as they are hand finished in the same world class facility that produces some the finest guitars available today.  Best of all these speakers are completely user adjustable to suit both personal tastes and acoustic environment. Combine all of these elements with an engineering target that is both time and phase aligned and you have one remarkable speaker system.

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