The Sound Advocate 2021 Product Of The Year

The Sound Advocate Awards the darTZeel CTH-8550 MK2 2021 Product Of The Year!

For the few uncompromising audiophiles that have heard this profound amplifier, many have come to recognize it as one of, if not the world’s best high-end amplifier currently being produced today. The unit is a conquering hero that produces a subjective sound quality that is an uncompromising “triumph” in reproducing the dynamic range, detail, subtlety, and the most natural musical harmonics and sound fundamentals that may be contained within a great recording!

The darTZeel CTH 8550 Mk.II produces music that is indescribably beautiful, exact, nimble, and subtle to the ears, dynamically extraordinary, and incredibly profound. It also is so filled with such musical “correctness’ that one can’t help to sit and listen to music with a feeling of such satisfaction as its sound permeates through your senses without barely…. any type of limitations!

Ultimately, at its formidable price point, the question concerning the darTZeel CT-8550 MKII may not be “can you afford one– but sooner or later, when could you be able to purchase one?” I am still anxiously waiting!